Why Network Marketers are Flocking to the Net to Generate Leads

Anyone that knows anything about MLM knows that leads are one of the main ingredients to success.  Closing is a close second in order of importance, but with no leads your business will be dead in the water.  Everywhere you look, you see people advertising their business and products as the next best thing.  Most people have no idea how to market, so they just throw it out there on a daily basis and hope someone replies.

I have been involved with numerous network marketing companies like Shaklee, It Works, and a few others.  In the beginning I was marketing the wrong way too, and was not getting any results.  I did what most others were not willing to do, and invested in myself.  I learned how to use attraction marketing to have leads come to me.  Let me tell you, this was a much better way of doing business!  Here is a great video I found years ago that introduced me to the attraction marketing concept.  This guy, Justice, is a beast in the marketing world.

Pretty great video, huh?

So through the years I honed and tightened up my skills in the online marketing world.  I started to share the message with others that there was a better way, and before I knew it I was running a successful blog, had a thriving YouTube channel, and was making some good money from my efforts.

 Fast forward to now (2016).  I am noticing more and more network marketers turning to the internet to learn how to generate leads.  I think more people are starting to realize that grinding people down on your Facebook is just not the answer.  Overall, I would say that is a plus for the industry because it brings a more professional approach to how the business works, and does not come off as pure spam.  The more people that choose quality marketing over spam the better!!

spam marketing

There are so many great companies that offer great products out there, it is up to the distributors and business owners to deliver the right message, the right way.  It really is amazing the sheer number of opportunities there are out there, with new ones popping up on a daily basis.  I recently read an in depth United Games review, and that blew my mind.  A free app for users to use that allows them to play along with their favorite sports teams?  Are you kidding me?  This is a great idea, and I am excited to play this one when it comes out.  The point is, this industry is exploding, and will continue to for the foreseeable future, with more and more people turning to home based businesses as a way to generate their income.  This is why proper online training will be so in demand and coveted for years to come.


As more and more people get involved with network marketing companies, more and more people will need good training that teaches them how to use the internet to generate leads.  If enough people get the message out, there is a good chance we will see less and less of the annoying Facebook posts from people selling there lotions and potions, and we will see more value being added to the industry.  Once that happens, I think we will see more people enjoying success.

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Why Online Business Training Is a Must in 2016

business training online

More and more businesses are stating to realize the true importance of having an online presence.  Most large companies already know this, but now the medium to small size businesses are following and making the necessary changes to ensure their brand is secured online.

Securing your brand and getting exposure online is a tricky business.  There is paid ads, SEO, social media, and various other forms of marketing that your business need to have in place, and the best way to ensure it is being done right is to either hire a professional to do it, or get the proper training so you can handle this aspect of your business in house.

Things move fast in the online world, and they change even quicker. If you are not up speed with what is currently working, you can end up doing more harm than good and ruin any chances you have of running a successful marketing campaign. For this reason, it is crucial that you take the time to learn how to do this yourself, or find a reputable marketing company to help you out.

The first thing you need to decide when taking your business online is what exactly do you want to accomplish?  For example, your goals will be completely different depending on what type of marketing strategy you plan on running.  Paid ads and social media will always give you the quickest results, while Search Engine Marketing can take longer.  Video marketing is another great option, and is something too many people often overlook.

The point is, you MUST decide which direction you want to go with your marketing, hammer down a plan, then take massive action.  The results you get will not only be determined by your knowledge, but also in the amount of action you take.  So many business owners get the right info, then fail to take the necessary action to ever yield good results from it.  Make the decision to take massive action, and then follow through with it!  If you do, you will be light years ahead of the game.

Places to Get Online Marketing Training

There are numerous great places you can master the skills of online marketing.  A colleague of mine that offers Janesville SEO services from http://BadgerSEO.com and I got together to come up with a few training sites that can help you get good information.  Here are a few of our top recommendations:

  • My Lead System Pro – My Lead System Pro, or MLSP is an online training community.  They have very current training material, and do a great job of teaching you how to dominate your brand, and then generate business leads going forward.  They have different tiers of memberships, so you would be certain to find something that suits your budget.
  • Google Partners – Google Partners program will train you how to master the art of PPC marketing through Google Adwords.  Marketing with Adwords is a great way to brand your company as well as get pages of your website in front of people that are online searching for the products and services that you offer.
  • Source University – If SEO and organic traffic is what you are after, Source University does a great job teaching you the nuts and bolts of SEO.  Some of the best SEO’s in the world are teachers there, and will absolutely show you the ropes so you can start getting your site ranked in the search engines.

These are the best courses we feel you could get into that can help you start learning the ropes of online marketing.  The importance of being found and seen online is more important than ever, and it is only going to progress.

Take a few minutes to check out this great video about marketing online.

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Business Training Benefits

What is the advantage of going to advertising courses?

There are such a variety of headings a man can run in with a promoting capability, which is a standout amongst the most profitable motivations to go to a showcasing course.

Business Training successfully through oral or composed means, how to pitch thoughts and present showcases to an executive meeting, and business PC and frameworks understanding abilities. What’s more, members figure out how to investigate information, showcasing patterns, and shopper needs. Business preparing have ended up being useful for the showcasing understudy, as they guarantee the required PC aptitudes and comprehension of business for creating proficient advertising presentations and reports. Members in Training-Courses-London showcasing course will be acquainted with the primary standards of Services Marketing, International Marketing, Strategic Marketing Management and Consumer Behaviour. The system expects to acquaint understudies with vital standards of the subjects and give a scope of learning and the aptitudes, which will incorporate both general business and promoting ranges.

Because of the development in the World Wide Web numerous individuals chose to begin an online business. Be that as it may, it this is hard to do on the off chance that you don’t have a decent comprehension of internet showcasing methods. That is the reason internet showcasing courses are extremely advantageous for business people. Such advertising courses will show you procedures that you can use in online business and additionally successful techniques to profit on the web. Microsoft preparing and HR courses are again of awesome advantage when beginning an online business. Businessmen require the essential PC abilities to run and deal with an online business and they additionally require the best possible information to choose, oversee and regulate representatives viably. Examining HR courses will build up a chief’s capacity to comprehend what they can anticipate from representatives, how to react to worker grievances and issues, and how to propel their workforce. This is key for general business, as well as for online business, too.

Business Training Gives Certificate and Diploma in Online Marketing and Digital Strategy. The Online Marketing and Digital Strategy courses join advanced media, web plan standards, web advances, web promoting and PR, social advances and a prologue to web publicizing. It will show clients how to create advanced crusades, through both web and versatile channels, utilizing the best computerized media and correspondences stages, it will likewise show clients how to viably screen, track and measure the adequacy of advanced battles. It will open clients to the creation procedure for advanced substance, for example, podcasts, sound throws, video and how best to incorporate these into computerized crusades and circulation components. The majority of the standards on the courses will be bolstered through reasonable cases and contextual analyses.

Advertising courses, joined by Business Training, will guarantee that you get straight down to business when you enter the business world.